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Thursday Core!

Todays workout folks is all about targeting your Core!😙🔥 Complete as much as you can in 30 seconds and repeat for 4-5 rounds! 1. Plank hold 2. Shoulder Taps 3. Side plank (each side) 4. Hip Dips (each side) 5. V Sit hold 6. Bicycle kicks Let us know if you give it a go […]

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Active Age from Home!

We are back with another video for you folks!😁   This workout is for those who loved Aqua Aerobics or attended Active age Fitness! It will minimise stress on your joints and still give you a great workout!   There are a series of exercises here, choose as many or a little as you like. […]

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LeisureWorld Online!

Our first video is here folks! Why not give it a try!  We have kept it very simple, using absolutely no equipment at all only your own body weight! The whole workout from start to finish is only 20 mins and then you are done!🙌 Perfect way to start your day!👍   Let us know […]

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Opening hours Patricks day 2020

St Patricks Day

We are open on St Patricks day folks! Whether you want to bring the kids for a family day or or if you want to get a session in before the parade, we will be open until 1pm in both Bishopstown & Churchfield Opening Hours: Bishopstown – – 1pm (gym opens at 6.30am) Churchfield […]

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Couch to 5 k leisureworld

Couch to 5k programme

Would you like to get into running but lack the motivation? 🙋‍♂️ The couch to 5K programme is an 8 week programme that is looking to encourage and motivate people to take them from the ‘Couch’ to a 5k in 8 weeks. The programme will cater for people that are new or beginners to jogging or […]

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big belly santa

Surviving Christmas…

Christmas Weight Loss Tips With Christmas only a few weeks  away and that New Year’s resolution creeping up fast it’s time to plan out a strategy for making this year work for you. Last year you said you’re not going to eat or drink as much as you did and you’re going to kickstart a […]

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Copy of Bells Christmas Card (1)

Christmas Specials

We’re offering up some excellent discounts in the build up to Christmas. Don’t wait until the New year to get fit! Grab a discounted membership or pass between 1st December until  the 31st of January. BUY MEMBERSHIP NOW Searching for a gift idea? Why not purchase one of the below as a voucher for your […]

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Cork Penny Dinners Collection

Christmas is a very special time for a lot of families, it is a time of celebration and laughter and joy! Unfortunately there are a lot of families that are not as fortunate as others and Christmas can be a very tough time. This year for the run up to Christmas we are doing a […]

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Project Weightloss is back!

Brand new PROJECT WEIGHTLOSS COURSE! Project Weightloss (PWL) is a 12 week exercise intervention programme targeted at overweight and inactive individuals. Sessions are run twice a week comprising of a wide range of exercise activities and a participant manual that will help you record your activity and track your progress. Sessions are twice weekly but […]

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Diet Tips For Surviving Halloween

If you tend to overdo it during the days around Halloween, here are a few diet tips for surviving Halloween without ruining your diet Here’s a quickie post with 7 Diet Tips for Surviving Halloween (With Your Sanity Intact):   DIET TIPS FOR SURVIVING HALLOWEEN Don’t buy sweets you don’t need. Plan your treats and […]

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