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Summer Swimming in Cork

Summer at LeisureWorld Cork

Flexible summer swimming lesson options at LeisureWorld Cork Make a splash this summer at LeisureWorld Cork with our flexible swimming lesson monthly Direct Debit for only €41.00 This not only includes your child’s swimming lessons but also gives your child unlimited free access to the pools. This is a fun way of filling up holiday […]

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Easter activities!

This Easter at LeisureWorld Bishopstown and LeisureWorld Churchfield in Cork we have loads of fun activities for kids, teens, the whole family, even bunnies!* *Joke! Please don’t bring a bunny, we’d hate to have to refuse your cute little bunny rabbit entry  Kid’s Activity Camps Get the kids active and having fun with our 4 […]

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Senior Fitness: Why It’s Never Too Late to Start

Senior Fitness: Why It’s Never Too Late to Start When I was younger, I never worried about my health and well being as I was in the fortunate position of working in the fitness industry. I had adopted a devil may care attitude to knocks and injuries safe in the knowledge that I would be […]

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CF 4

LeisureWorld Churchfield Gym Upgrade

LeisureWorld Churchfield Gym Upgrade    Free Weights Gym Closing Sat 23rd March reopens Friday 29th March Main Gym Closing Monday 25th March reopens Friday 29th March *All members will have full access to LeisureWorld Bishopstown during the upgrade. Upgrades We are delighted that the planned gym equipment upgrade will take place between Sat 23rd March […]

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Foam Rolling – All you need to know!

What Is A Foam Roller, How Do I Use It, And Why Does It Hurt? Foam Rolling – All you need to know! You’ve seen people sprawled all over the gym floor, rolling around on foam tubes with terrifying grimaces of pain on their faces and you’ve probably just said, “nah, not for me, looks […]

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Swim Lesson (1)

Swim Coaching

Swim Coaching Sessions We are launching new Swim coaching sessions on a Friday morning 6.30am -8.00am. These sessions are designed for people training for triathlon or keen swimmers looking to improve strokes but not for beginners. The sessions will be coached by Deirdre Sheehan (Swim Ireland L3 Coach) and Olympian. So why use a Swim […]

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Orange and Blue Family Brunch Party Invitation

February Family Fun

Calling all families!! Looking for an activity to make the kids tired before bed? As the evenings are getting longer and the kids are settling back into school it can be hard to keep the kids occupied at the weekends! Why not join us every Friday for our ‘February Family Fun‘! For the month of […]

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Don’t let the Scales outweigh the bigger picture!

Don’t let the Scales outweigh the bigger picture! One of our instructors, Sean, has put some very useful information together regarding the scales – check it out!! A couple of the more common statements heard upon initial consultations and conversations with clients are “I want to tone up” and “I want to lose X amount […]

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Active Aging at LeisureWorld for Older Adults

Active Age at LeisureWorld Bishopstown for Older Adults Classes for older adults. LeisureWorld Bishopstown believes that exercise should support the activities you are passionate about doing every day. Recent research from the World Health Organisation showed that 33pc of Irish adults do not get enough exercise, resulting in obesity and ill health. Older adults at risk of falls, such […]

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New to the Gym? Check out our Beginners Guide to the Gym!

First Time Gym User? For many first-time gym users & beginners, it can be and usually is very daunting and this is understandable. It is a new language, in a new environment, with new movements, new machines, LOADS of buttons and lot of mixed information from the social media, where you may or may not […]

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