RLSS Pool Lifeguard Course

Are you looking to start a new career in the Leisure industry?

We are running a Pool Lifeguarding (RLSS Pool Lifeguard) course this coming October Mid Term to help get you fully qualified and ready for new employment here in LeisureWorld.

The aim of this qualification is to provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and confidence thus equipping them to supervise swimming pool activities and deal with aquatic rescues, emergencies and administer first aid as required (including CPR, AED and pool related rescue equipment).

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Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be able to:
    • Jump/dive into deep water
    • Swim 50 metres in no more than 60 seconds
    • Swim 100 metres continuously on front
    • Swim 100 metres continuously on back
    • In deep water, tread water for 30 seconds
    • Surface dive to the floor of the pool
    • Climb out unaided without ladder/steps and where the pool design permits
  • Must complete minimum guided learning hours 
  • Complete all activities and revision questions in the course candidate manual ‘The Lifeguard’
  • Be assessed against all learning outcomes in the units taken
  • Previous Experience: N/A


Pool Life Guarding Skills National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) Royal Life Saving Society UK


Understand the role of the Lifeguard
1. Outline the role and responsibilities of the pool lifeguard
2. Understand the requirements for policies and procedures within a swimming pool environment
3. Understand legal, regulatory and industry guidance that relate to the swimming pool environment
4. Know how to prepare and maintain a safe swimming pool environment
5. Know how to supervise a swimming pool environment
6. Be able to supervise a swimming pool environment

Available Funding:

Training Support Grant from the Department of Social Protection (DSP):

If you are currently in receipt of a payment from the Department of Social Protection (DSP), you may get full funding for the course as part of a Training Support Grant (TSG).

Please enquire with your local DSP office or case worker/job coach.

A full list of payments that may make you eligible are listed here: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/0a962-operational-guidelines-training-support-grant/#qualifying-eligibility