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Orange and Blue Family Brunch Party Invitation

February Family Fun

Calling all families!! Looking for an activity to make the kids tired before bed? As the evenings are getting longer and the kids are settling back into school it can be hard to keep the kids occupied at the weekends! Why not join us every Friday for our ‘February Family Fun‘! For the month of […]

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Don’t let the Scales outweigh the bigger picture!

Don’t let the Scales outweigh the bigger picture! One of our instructors, Sean, has put some very useful information together regarding the scales – check it out!! A couple of the more common statements heard upon initial consultations and conversations with clients are “I want to tone up” and “I want to lose X amount […]

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Copy of Senior Strength (1)

Active Aging at LeisureWorld for Older Adults

Active Age at LeisureWorld Bishopstown for Older Adults Classes for older adults. LeisureWorld Bishopstown believes that exercise should support the activities you are passionate about doing every day. Recent research from the World Health Organisation showed that 33pc of Irish adults do not get enough exercise, resulting in obesity and ill health. Older adults at risk of falls, such […]

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New to the Gym? Check out our Beginners Guide to the Gym!

First Time Gym User? For many first-time gym users & beginners, it can be and usually is very daunting and this is understandable. It is a new language, in a new environment, with new movements, new machines, LOADS of buttons and lot of mixed information from the social media, where you may or may not […]

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4 Simple Fitness Commandments….

4 Simple Commandments That Will Guide You to Greater Fitness in 2019   Improving your fitness can sometimes feel like rocket science. Fall down the wrong rabbit hole, and suddenly you’re surrounded by complex terminology and insane diet and training programs. For the average person simply looking to get more fit, this can lead to […]

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New year, new me?

New year, new me? Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!! The resolutions have started and the fresh starts are already beginning. That Christmas dinner feels like a long distance memory and we’re all feeling a bit stuffed from too much of pretty much everything! Every year we always make the same promises to ourselves and a lot […]

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Surviving Christmas…

Christmas Weight Loss Tips With Christmas only a few weeks  away and that New Year’s resolution creeping up fast it’s time to plan out a strategy for making this year work for you. Last year you said you’re not going to eat or drink as much as you did and you’re going to kickstart a […]

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The Cork City Marathon is fast approaching…..

With the Cork City Marathon only a few days away we have some advice to help make your experience a little easier. The hardest part of your half or full marathon training is over, but what you do during the day before your race can make or break your race.   Eat Plenty of Carbohydrates  […]

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