Fitness Classes at LeisureWorld Bishopstown, Cork

Class Timetables

**Our classes are currently not running due to ongoing restrictions**

Please ensure you arrive 10-15minutes early for your class.

Class studios are accessed through a door at the back of our main gym floor.

At LeisureWorld we offer a range of ‘Pay As You Go’ classes for both the public and members. If you’re not sure which classes might be suitable for you, ask one of our staff members in the gym and we’ll help you make the right choice for you.

We believe that fitness is for every one and offer a range of classes to suit all levels. All of our group exercise instructors are part of the Register of Exercise Professionals Ireland (REP’s Ireland).

For a list of our prices please visit our Membership & Prices page.

Indoor Cycling

The classic indoor cycling class. A class suited to all levels of fitness that are looking for a fun “spin”. A great way to get fit and improve your cardio

Power Cycle

(Course option available)

An indoor cycling class that uses the Stage’s Power Meters and Stages Flight Experience to measure your output on the bike. This class is ideal for road cyclists.

To get the full effect of this class we ask you to head to the Stages Flight Website to set up your profile and book your bike ahead of class.

There are some specific details such as location that you will need to enter but a full explanation of the set up process can be found on this guide STAGES FLIGHT Profile Setup

You can learn more about Stages Flight HERE

Cardio Kickboxing

A non contact approach to the fundamentals of kickboxing mixed with fast paced cardio, this class is suited for all levels of fitness and martial arts experience.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a type of training that involves body weight exercises and functional movements that help you in your everyday life. This class is suited for all levels of fitness.

EIR: Exercise in Rheumatology

A class for patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions to help get exercising more. This would be ‘regular’ conditions such as chronic low back pain, osteoarthristis and Rheumatoid arthritis. (Referral based class)


This is a very popular low impact class. Aqua Fit is unique is that it uses the water as resistance to work your muscles and get your heart pumping at the same time.

Body Conditioning

Moderate intensity class using a mix of bodyweight, light resistance & moderate intensity cardio.


Everyone’s favorite dance workout! Get fit, have fun and do it all while dancing to fun and funky music

Matt Pilates

Improve core strength, muscle balance and posture with this low impact class. It helps you engage muscles you didn’t know you have and will teach you how to move and control your body in a new way. Excellent for injury prevention.

Teen Gym

Teen gym is supervised a gym session for teens aged 13-17years. For more information on teen gym please click HERE

Project Weightloss

Project Weightloss is a 12 week programme aimed at introducing you into a healthy lifestyle or getting you back into exercise after a considerable break. This is a 12 week course paid in advance, for information on the next start date please contact reception.



Will it be indoors or outdoors? Will there be running, push ups or squats???!! Who knows whats coming up in this Bootcamp style training class. Prepare for the unexpected!


Class Timetables

Please ensure you arrive 10-15minutes early for your class.

Class studios are accessed through a door at the back of our main gym floor.