Swim Lessons Parent Help

As we move our children’s swimming lessons system online we understand that getting set up may be a little confusing for parents.

Below you will find a set by set guide to the online configuration, how to register and link your children to your account and how to view their progress via the online assessment cards.

Step 1:  If you land on our homepage please Click the SIGN IN/BOOK button at the top of the screen


Or as you are already here then simply click here SIGN IN

Please note: If you are accessing this portal via mobile you will need to select “view in desktop mode”

Step 2:  Click REGISTER AND LINK button

Step 3:  Fill in required fields (email address & password twice)

Step 4:   You will receive a message on the screen confirming registration and that you will receive a confirmation email

Step 5:  Check your email and confirm registration via link received

Step 6: You will be logged in and will need to complete the “Connect to My Membership” (you need your member number)

Step 7: You will now be linked to your member profile and can manage and view your groups (in groups you will find the details of your childs progress)

Step 8: After you select “My Groups” from the bottom of the left hand menu you can then select “View Members” to see your childs progress