Fitness Classes at LeisureWorld Cork

At LeisureWorld Cork we offer a range of ‘Pay As You Go’ fitness classes for both the public and members. If you’re not sure which classes might be suitable for you, ask one of our staff members in the gym and we’ll help you make the right choice for you.

We believe that fitness is for every one and offer a range of classes to suit all levels. All of our group exercise instructors are part of the Register of Exercise Professionals Ireland (REP’s Ireland).

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Fitness Classes For Better Health

Come along to our energising Fitness classes in Cork to experience great full body workouts to boost your health and well-being, while enabling you to better handle the stresses of life.

FITNESS LEADERSHIP & MOTIVATION: The leaders of our Fitness classes in Cork are experienced professionals who make sure to keep you motivated. They vary the format and pace of each session, so you stay on your toes and get opportunities for different intensity levels in your workout classes.

QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS: All our group exercise instructors are fully qualified and certified to instruct our fitness classes

SOCIAL FITNESS: There is a wonderful social aspect to our popular Fitness classes, as people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels come together for the common aims of health and well-being. We have classes for beginners and the most experienced athletes, so there is something for everyone.

PAY AS YOU GO: If you are unsure about booking up for a series of classes, you can Pay as You Go, which is available for both LeisureWorld members at a discounted rate as well as members of the public.

BURN CALORIES: If weight loss is your aim, it is possible to work off five hundred calories an hour at some of our Fitness classes, or more than that if you put extra effort in.

HEALTH BENEFITS: The Fitness classes at LeisureWorld Bishopstown and Churchfield in Cork give you a total workout, are fun and easy on your joints. Typical health benefits include:

Get your heart beating faster,
Lose excess weight,
Stronger mind and body,
Toned muscles,
More flexible joints,
Better energy levels,
Greater agility,
Better stress handling,
A sense of wellbeing.

LEARN MORE: For a list of our class times and prices please visit our Membership and Prices page.

Enjoy Fitness classes at LeisureWorld Cork, and get the benefits of better health.