Get Active, Have Fun & Stay Healthy with LeisureWorld Kids Camps!

Arts & Crafts| Group Activities| Outdoor Games| Sports| Pool Fun
Ages 5-10 years: Children will be grouped by age for activities.

Get your kids active, having fun and staying healthy with LEISUREWORLD KIDS CAMPS in LeisureWorld Bishopstown and LeisureWorld Churchfield! Children can enjoy arts & crafts, group activities, outdoor games, brain stimulators, sports and water fun in two great LeisureWorld locations during various school holidays throughout the year. Suitable for 5-10 year olds, children are grouped by age for each activity.

At the LeisureWorld Kids Camps Cork we believe that all children should have a fun and engaging experience. We keep the activities varied during the week to keep it interesting and different for your child.

Our swim and camp instructors will ensure your child has a safe and fun camp with us and comes home with a smile on their face.

Why not help your child get better in the water this with our holiday Swim Camps? Give them the confidence in the water in a fun, safe and structured environment with a specially designed group swim lessons during camp weeks at Bishopstown and Churchfield.

Children’s camps can be booked by phoning the relevant facility or calling in to recept

ion or ONLINE via courses.

The dates for our Kids Camps Cork will differ depending on location. So please have a look through the various dates and times on offer at each of the LeisureWorld sites and then get in touch :).


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