Swim Coaching

Swim Coaching Sessions

We are launching new Swim coaching sessions on a Friday morning 6.30am -8.00am.

These sessions are designed for people training for triathlon or keen swimmers looking to improve strokes but not for beginners.

The sessions will be coached by Deirdre Sheehan (Swim Ireland L3 Coach) and Olympian.

So why use a Swim coach?

Through one-on-one sessions and/or video, your swim coach could actually help your triathlon coach with detailed stroke analysis, including stroke errors and timing issues, mechanical inefficiencies and subtle technique tweaks/focuses to be included in their training plan.

Swimming is a blind sport in the sense that the swimmer is unable to visually process how his or her body is moving in the water. A trained eye on deck can help provide you with immediate feedback on stroke mechanics. So having a coach to work with you in the water will allow you to make the quickest progress on your swim stroke and provide you with the comfort and confidence in the open water that you need to take your race to the next level. The mental support of having skilled coaches is invaluable and will instill a deeper love for the water which with help you with your training!


Sessions can be pay as you go for €15 or buy 10 sessions for €135


Starting Friday 29th March


LeisureWorld Bishopstown

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