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Our Yoga classes are built on three main structures: exercise, breathing, and meditation. These classes will benefit your flexibility, strength & balance. A great class for total health for body and mind.

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Yoga classes for healing and calming

Join our relaxing Yoga classes at LeisureWorld Cork to achieve spiritual peace, harmony and vitality for your mind, body and spirit.

ALL ARE WELCOME: Everyone is welcome, from complete beginners to those experienced in all aspects of Yoga. Whether you are young or not-so-young, whatever your shape or size, come along and get involved.

BANISH STRESS: Sometimes stresses in your life can get on top of you. That’s when you need to experience the soothing tranquility that the Yoga classes at LeisureWorld Churchfield can bring to you. For five thousand years the benefits of Yoga have helped banish stress to foster a sense of well-being and a positive mind set. Come to our Yoga classes to learn more and experience the benefits for yourself.

CLASSIC YOGA SEQUENCE: During each Yoga class in Cork we gently guide you through the classic yoga sequence of breathing, postures and relaxation to calm your mind and awaken your spirit:

BREATHING: Start your yoga session by using the yoga breathing techniques called pranayama to relax.

POSTURES: Then use stretching to salute the sun, and adopt the classic Yoga postures called Asanas.

RELAXATION: The result of Yoga breathing, stretching and postures will be a wonderful state of relaxation, calmness and new energy.

STATE OF BEING: In addition to relaxation, through Yoga you can achieve a new sense of spiritual wisdom and balance. Spiritual conflicts are reconciled and you can find your true self.

YOGA BENEFITS: Experience the many physical and spiritual benefits at our Yoga classes in Cork:

Relieve stress,
Resolve inner conflicts,
Boost your nervous system,
Remove negative thoughts,
Enhance physical strength,
Boost flexibility,
Banish toxins,
Find your true nature.

SOCIALISE: In addition to finding peace and serenity, you will meet like-minded people at our Yoga classes, which offer many opportunities to make new friends.

Come along to the Yoga classes at LeisureWorld Churchfield in Cork, banish stress and achieve serenity.