Swimming Lessons September

Swimming Lessons September

We hope you are enjoying the summer and you are ready for the back to school rush. Please see updates below with regards Swimming Lessons.

Not Currently Enrolled with Credit remaining

We recommenced swimming lessons at the start of July, and many customers have already re-enrolled.
As a previous customer you may be keen to restart lessons, and we are keen to help you re-enrol as soon as possible.

We anticipate that many people will look to re-enrol once schools return in September, and depending on the level required, there may be very limited places available. We would ask you to be patient with staff as we try to accommodate all requests.

Below is a snapshot of the various levels and an example of the current availability to give you an idea of what availability is. (as of 13/08/21). You will notice that Bishopstown is very heavily booked, and whilst Churchfield has more availability, beginner levels Starfish & Penguins are in great demand.

LeisureWorld Bishopstown
Starfish 0
Penguins 1
Turtles L1 11
Turtles L2 30
Dolphins 18
Sharks 33
LeisureWorld Churchfield
Starfish 0
Penguins 43
Turtles L1 40
Turtles L2 28
Dolphins 118
Sharks 20

* Please note these numbers can change daily

If you are interested in re-enrolling we would recommend sending an email as this will allow staff to check availability before contacting you.

Please email: info@leisureworldcork.com with the following details:

  • Name of swimmer
  • Name of Adult
  • Contact Number of Adult
  • Preferred day & time

If you are passing or coming for a swim, you can also enquire at reception.
The good news is that we move swimmers up to the next level as soon as they are ready. We would expect to see places open in each class every 2-3 weeks. Of course, we cannot control how quickly children progress, so places may open slower or faster just depending on individual children.

We are also currently confirming availability for Douglas pool, and hope to recommence lessons her at some time in September.


Currently Enrolled

We hope that now the lessons have been running for a few weeks that the swimmers are getting comfortable in the water again. Its certainly been great to see everyone back again.
As your swimmer progresses, we know sometimes there isn’t the option available to move to the next level immediately, if the class is full. However, we do want to reassure you that the instructors continue to challenge the swimmer, and can even start to introduce skills & competencies from the next level, whilst waiting for a move.

As mentioned above, we see swimmers progress every week or so, allowing moves up a level within a week or 2.

If you do have any concerns or requests, please ask to speak with the Duty Manager, and they can call you back if not available, as swim lesson times can be busy for us.

Finally, we would really like to thank all our customers for being patient and helping us keep everyone safe by following the covid precautions.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Team LeisureWorld