Surviving Christmas…

Christmas Weight Loss Tips

With Christmas only a few weeks  away and that New Year’s resolution creeping up fast it’s time to plan out a strategy for making this year work for you. Last year you said you’re not going to eat or drink as much as you did and you’re going to kickstart a healthier version or you. Most people’s new year’s resolution is to Lose Weight, as it’s racked number 1 on the top 10 New Year’s resolution chart and according to the University of Scranton only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolution!


We have put together some easy to follow guidelines to help you beat the Christmas Bulge this year!!

big belly santaUp your N.E.A.T

  • (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) this just means the movement and amount of energy you expend in a day. People who are natural fidgeters, moving around at your desk tapping your foot, have a higher NEAT and often are slimmer than people who stay still. You can also up your daily energy output by beginning to take the stairs, parking your car further away from your building, standing instead of sitting when possible there are a ton of ways to increase your calorie output without hitting the gym.

Opt for the lower Calories drinks.

  •  It’s hard to avoid the sauce this time or year. Mulled wine, Xmas cocktails, Christmas Parties and reuniting with family and friends ‘you gotta have a few’. A pint of beer can have 255 calories or so in it so if you are out with the squad and you are going hard you can easily down 1000 calories before you start to even think about the damage it’s doing to your waist or fitness goals for next year. A pint of Coors light is 183 Cals. A measure of spirit is 55 to 70 cals. A slimline G&T is about 75 cals were as a regular spirit and mixer can have 115 or a double will give you 168cals. Some festive cocktails hit you with 310 cals.

Stay Hydrated.

  • If you’re planning on heading out for the night make sure you keep an eye on your hydration levels. You’ll thank yourself in the morning. Even while in the club or at the bar try make every 2nd class a glass of water.

Fakeways are king

  •  I am guilty of it too, at the end of the night you’re hungry and want something fast so you go to the nearest grease join. This can up your calories for the night by anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories. Try have something premade for you at home that you know you can easily enjoy without burning the house down in your drunken state. If you can try go for the more nutrient dense options such as an indian or chinese or mexican so you can at least get some veggies into yourself.


Eat your protein first

  • Start off on the turkey before you head for the roast spuds and stuffing. You body uses more calories to digest and assimilate protein than it does for fats and Carbs. Protein will also feel fuller quicker and you will eat less overall.

Stay as close to your programming as possible

  •  I know with  Christmas time flies by and you have a ton of stuff to get done but done let your gym time suffer because of it. Try set aside the time need for the gym and make the minutes worth it. If you only have a short amount of time for the gym minimise your distractions and get it done. Turn the music up and airplane mode on.


christmas dinner

Maximise your after burn

  • Utilise compound movements such as Squat, Bench Press, your big lifts as this burn a big amount of calories and will continue to burn them up long after you’ve left the gym. Cut your rest time in half and go ham on the weights.

Do not panic

  • If you’re already in the gym you aren’t going to ruin your physique or progress in a day or two so don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world. Spend the time with your family and then once the holidays are over get back on the track asap. The next day if you can.

Be a Cardio King and Queen for a while

  • Add roughly 20mins of M.I.S.S (moderate intensity steady state) cardio at the end of each workout. This will obviously burn more calories and help burn up some fat with making sure that after burn keeps ticking away for longer.

Stay on track

  • Keep on track right up to the day and don’t adopt the ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ mentality. Christmas is almost like a mandatory cheat day so plan in advance and try to stick to your regular diet habits right up to Christmas.


  • Sleep is just as important as anything else. It’s a chance for our body to recover, grow and give the energy to tackle the next day without looking for food to give us a boost and stay awake.person on scales in santa socks


All of these point are good to stay lean all year round but you can start using them today to help with damage control over the holidays. Most importantly, Christmas is a time to spend with family and to be enjoyed!

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