Student membership

We all know college is great craic but it can take it’s toll on your health & fitness. College and study can also be stressful so keeping on top of regular exercise is good for the mind, body and soul. To add to that we are now making it easier on the wallet by reducing or normal student rates for all full time 3rd level students.

12 Month Student Membership.

You can now join LeisureWorld Bishopstown or LeisureWorld Churchfield for only €350 for a full 12 month membership. This membership gives you access to gyms, pools, sauna, steam room and reduced rates on classes and personal training.

9 Month Student Membership.

If you’re only in Cork for the college term then buying a membership for a full year isn’t ideal. That’s why each year we bring out our student 9 month membership to match up with the college term in Cork.

Join LeisureWorld Bishopstown or LeisureWorld Churchfield for €200 for 9 months.

This membership can only be purchased during September until October 1st. The 12 month student is available all year round.

How do I join?

Grab your current & valid student card & pop into your local LeisureWorld of choice to sign up!

If you have any questions about these memberships then please use the contact form HERE to get in touch with us.

Valid only until November 2019!