Strength & conditioning for Cyclists

🚴‍♂️Calling all cycling enthusiasts!🚴‍♂️

We are running a Strength and Conditioning class specific for cyclists for the winter. It’s a great way to take your mind off cycling for a while after a season but still maintain fitness. The session will incorporate strength, flexibility and cardio in the same workout. But primarily it will focus on strengthening the muscles neglected during the season to bring the body into balance.

These training sessions will also hugely improve your core strength, which is one of the most important areas but also one of the most ignored. We will also spend time at the end of the class working to improve flexibility.

And for those of you that don’t fancy taking the Bike out in the cold wet weather, we are also running a Cyclist specific Stage Flight indoor cycle class!

These new classes are starting from next week:

1️⃣ Strength & Conditioning for Cyclists
📆Starting 22nd October
Tuesdays 7pm – 8pm
📌8 weeks for €60
Mixture of body weight and resistance work focused on core & stability

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2️⃣ Stages Flight Indoor Cycle
📆Starting 24th October
Thursdays 8pm – 9pm
📌8 weeks for €60
Cycling specific course, using live power data to develop fitness

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