Refer a friend at LeisureWorld

What is refer a friend?

Refer a friend is a discount scheme that allows you to save money on your monthly direct debit or your next renewal, if you’re on a 12-month membership.

What memberships does it apply to?

  • All Inclusive/ Multi site
  1. Single/Couple DD
  2. 12month Single/Couple
  • Single Site
  1. Single/Couple DD
  2. 12month Single/Couple

What do you need to do?

If your friend is signing up online then there is a section for them to put in your membership number during the online sign up process, as the person referring them.

If they are signing up at the front desk then they should tell the member of staff that they have been referred by you and give us your membership number so we can apply the referral discount.

Please note it is only applicable if you and the new member are on one of the above memberships (it does not need to be the same type, i.e. you can be a direct debit and then can be a 12-month etc).

How is the discount applied?

The refer a friend scheme is applicable to those that are on or take out a:

  • Direct Debit Membership
  • 12 Month membership (that is not already discounted, e.g. best rate/student)

If you are on a 12-month paid in full membership you can receive a €20 discount off your next renewal per person you refer, up to a max of €80 discount (4 referrals).

If you are on a direct debit membership you can save €1.65 per month per person you refer.

With a max of 4 referrals this can equate to a saving of €6.60 every month from your direct debit.

Please note that the referral discount will expire if the person referred cancels their membership.