Brand New Fitness Classes in Cork

LeisureWorld Bishopstown new fitness classes

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On September 10th we will be launching our brand new schedule of fitness classes in LeisureWorld Bishopstown, Cork.

We’ve been working hard all summer to put together a new fitness class timetable that will bring a new and exciting element to our fitness offering. We’ve held onto some of our most popular classes and created some brand-new classes to really mix things up.

What’s new?

45minute classes

All fitness classes are now going to be 45minutes long, to ensure that you can get in, have a great workout and get out within the hour.

Early morning classes

Our new fitness classes will also include three early morning classes mid week that commence at 6:45am and finish at 7:30am. This is ideal for those looking to get their workout done before heading to work or college.

Early weekend classes

We’ll also be adding new 9am classes Saturday & Sunday morning to help you kick start your weekend and get the work done early.

Fitness Classes Cork

New Fitness Classes

LW HITT: High Intensity Interval Training

LW Sweat: A combo class of cardio and core work

LW Cycle Fit: Half on the bike and half resistance training. A great way to train your lungs and muscles.

LW Pump: A high rep weights class that’ll give your muscles and lungs a real burn.

LW WOW: For the first time ever at LeisureWorld, a Women’s Only Workout! A total body class, combining a varirty of exercises only for women.

LW Senior: A new functional fitness class delivered through low impact exercises for thoe over 55 years of age.

Free Classes on the gym floor! Monday-Thursday at 7pm there will be a free 20-30minute class on the gym floor. Just rock up and join in.

What’s staying?

We’ve kept some of our old fitness class favourites, but some with a new name and twist.

LW Bootcamp: Bootcamp is one of our most popular fitness classes. You never know what challenge the instructor is going to throw at you, but you can guarantee you’re going to WORK!

LW Aqua Fit: A low impact resistance and cardio class that takes place all in the water.

LW Cycle: You may call it spinning or indoor cycling, we now call it LW Cycle, a fast paced 45-minute class that takes place all on the saddle of our Stages Indoor Bikes. Want to work up a sweat and improve your cardio? Then this class is for you!

Zumba: The popular dance fitness class will be on 3 times a week. A great way to get fit while having a laugh!

LW Pilates: Pilates will take place mid-morning once a week. It’s a low impact class focusing on core strength and muscle balance.