Mind your mind during Lockdown

We are now just over a week into this new reality and it is now all feeling very real. During this very stressful time we may be feeling some of the following:

  • Anxious
  • feeling stressed
  • finding yourself excessively checking for symptoms, in yourself, or others
  • becoming irritable more easily
  • feeling insecure or unsettled
  • having trouble sleeping
  • feeling helpless or a lack of control
  • having irrational thoughts

Take control

Trying to change your focus on to the things that you have control over may help with some of these negative thoughts.

The main things that you have control over:


When something like a worldwide pandemic hits us, there is fear of the unknown. Routine are familiar and help to reassure us. We don’t need to worry with them as they are predictable. Keeping a routine follows through to other aspects, such as sleep and nutrition!


When we are out of routine, the first thing to be affected is our sleep. At the moment we are spending a lot of time watching Box sets and Netflix, and staying up late. That means we are getting up later and before we know that becomes a pattern. This will soon pass and we want to make sure we are ready!


Exercise is know to be a mood buster and helps release those endorphins! It is understandable that with the new restrictions, motivation to exercise will be limited. However we can still be creative! Using the resources that you have! We are posting daily videos as well as many other fitness pages around the globe. Exercise will help keep you at optimum health and keeps your immune system high!


Our diet is one of the main things that gets affected from being out of routine. There is too much temptation to go over and back to the fridge. However,maintaining a good diet, rich in vitamins and minerals is key to help keep you immune system functioning at optimum levels. We also need to watch our caffeine & alcohol intake, as that will have a direct effect on how we sleep.


It is crucially important for our well-being that we stay connected to each other. This is one of those times that social media and Apps will play a huge role in keeping us together and staying connected. Organise a Zoom with your family, play an online quiz with your friends. But most importantly, check in with those that are isolated. That human connection could really lift their day and yours!


For more information on Mental health during Covid-19:


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