Churchfield public swim times

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Please note the timetable now goes from Monday to the following Monday

Pool Restrictions


7-730 Pool Booking

10.30-11.00 Aqua shallow end closed

11.15-12.00 Kids Pool Closed


9.35-10.20 Pool closed school

11.00-12.00 Kids Pool Closed

12.10-1 Pool Closed School

3.00- 6.00pm All Pools Closed (Lessons)

6.00-6.45pm lanes closed (lessons)

7.15-8.00 pm Aqua Shallow End Main Pool Closed


9.15-10.00am Aqua Shallow End Main Pool Closed

10.00-11.30am Main pool Closed (Lessons)

Kids Pool Closed 11-12

11.30-12.15 (Parent & Toddler) One Lane taken

12.00-1.00 2 Lanes Closed (Lessons)

3.00-4.45pm Kids Pool Closed


9.35-10.30 All pools closed school

12.10-1.00 All pools Schools closed

6.00-6.45pm shallow end main pool and lane closed

7.15-8.00pm Aqua Shallow End Main Pool

8.00-8.45pm All Pools Closed


7-7.30am main pool closed (booking))..

Aqua 10.30 -11.15 Shallow end Main Pool Closed

10.20-11.15 Kids pool Closed

9.35-10.30 Pool Closed Schools

School all pools closed 11.10 -1.00

4.30-7.15 Pool Closee (Lessons)



9am–11.30am All Pools Closed (Lessons)

Last entry 4.45


Open 9.00

Last Entry 4.45.



7-7.30am main pool closed (booking)

10.30-11.15 Aqua Shallow End Main Pool Closed

Kids Pool Closed 11.15-12.15