LeisureWorld Churchfield Gym Upgrade

LeisureWorld Churchfield Gym Upgrade 


Free Weights Gym Closing Sat 23rd March reopens Friday 29th March

Main Gym Closing Monday 25th March reopens Friday 29th March

*All members will have full access to LeisureWorld Bishopstown during the upgrade.


We are delighted that the planned gym equipment upgrade will take place between Sat 23rd March and Thursday 28th March.

Using the valuable feedback from customers through the online survey and also feedback received through the gym staff, the equipment selection and layout has been chosen to meet as many of the requests as possible.

  • The available space in the current facility limits the overall amount of equipment that we can provide, whilst allowing a comfortable space for people to use the facility.
  • This has resulted in us using 2 separate spaces to provide the best overall gym & fitness service.

New Equipment

Responding to customer requests:

  • selectorised equipment has been reintroduced (including leg extension & leg curl), whilst still retaining the plate loaded equipment.
  • Squat racks and platforms have been reintroduced to the main gym area to allow users workout in the same area more, allowing for more supervision & contact between staff and users.


The current functional fitness area is very popular in the running track area, but to facilitate the introduction of the strength equipment in the main gym, the functional fitness area will now move to a larger improved space where the strength gym is currently.

  • Whilst we would have preferred to retain this in the main gym it’s not possible, and moving to the larger area will provide an even better space to work out in.


There are bound to be a few tweaks needed in the first few weeks after installation but we are looking to have some new toys to make our workouts a little more fun & enjoyable for all.


Below are some images showing what the layout will look like.




Functional training area