July Churchfield Update

We hope you are enjoying the warm weather and please remember we are here for you to cool off in the pool, and the cool air-conditioned gym is probably the “Coolest” place to be at the moment!

Opening Times

In August our opening times will change slightly.

  • We will still remain closed on Monday & Tuesday each week – but LeisureWorld Bishopstown is open on these days and you can use your membership there instead any day or time. i.e. all members can use both sites for the month of August.
  • In recognition of the days closed we will be adding 10 days onto all memberships, and as mentioned above access to both sites also.
  • Indoor guidelines still require social distancing and maximum numbers. Therefore, we need to control numbers in reception & changing areas, and we ask that facemasks are used in public areas (reception, corridors, changing areas)
  • Our staffing levels remain low, so we do appreciate your patience where delays occur. We are recruiting as best we can, however we are finding that this is slow, similar to what many other businesses are experiencing.
  • If you know of anyone that may be eligible for one of our vacancies, please invite them to visit: https://www.leisureworldcork.com/careers-at-lw-management/

Gym Sessions & Classes

  • The gym continues to operate for “individual training”. We ask that people maintain social distancing where possible, and continue to clean down equipment and help keep the staff & other customers safe.
  • Indoor Classes are not allowed to return at the moment; it is hoped that a similar arrangement as indoor dining/drinking may be extended to indoor group exercise. We are awaiting future updates on this.

Swimming Pool, Sauna & Steamroom

  •  The swimming pools are open as normal, and the good news is we are reopening the flume and children’s play slide.
  • Due to social distancing requirements and sharing of indoor spaces, the Sauna & Steamroom remain closed at this time. We will reopen as soon as permitted.

Swimming Lessons

  • We are happy to have restarted swimming lessons, and are now delighted to open assessments for new enrolees. If you wish to book an assessment please email: swimminglessons@leisureworldcork.com or call in to reception.
  • For anyone that has not yet re-enrolled for lessons that’s no problem, as we understand that summertime is when people take a break from regular activities.  If you do plan to return in September, please be aware that other people are enrolling at this time, so your regular/preferred day & time may not be available – however we do always work hard to help people get sessions that will work for them.
  • Also, a reminder that any credit on your account can be used towards pool visits such as family swims or any other service.

Booking a visit

Thank you to all our customers who have been booking online and through the App, as it really does help us with controlling numbers, and also ensuring you get access as easy as possible.

  • We are now seeing many sessions becoming much busier, so would ask customers to please book in advance, as we are now having to turn people away at times.
  • We would ask people now to attend as close to the start of the session time to ensure you get the full time, as when busy we may need to ask people to leave at the end of the booked session.
  • If you book and cannot attend, please cancel the booking so others can get access. We are monitoring “no shows” so if it does become an issue, we may have to introduce some controls, however we would prefer not to. If you cannot attend for whatever reason please cancel the booking on the App.


We really would like to thank all our customers sincerely.

Since we reopened you have returned and supported us. We know the experience is not as easy as it would have been in the past, but we are trying hard to keep everyone safe, whilst ensuring a fun & enjoyable visit.

This has only been possible because of the great support and help from you all, we really do appreciate it.

Thank you

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Team LeisureWorld