Free Gym Programme For All Members

In the past our programme design package was exclusively for 12 month and direct debit members. But we have now opened this up to offer it free to all members regardless of the price or membership type you’re on.

Getting started in the gym can be daunting, confusing and just a struggle in general for many people. You may find you’re attending the gym regularly but not seeing any results in the mirror or in how you feel. Often, while the effort may be there, the execution is not. Knowing what to do and when in the gym is one of the most important aspects to get you where you want to be as quickly as possible. It’s very common for someone to do the same exercises every time they come into the gym, sometimes this can be effective, but more often than it’s not.

Having your own programme is important because everyone is different, what works for one person may not work for another. A new person in the gym may build their own training plan by looking around and adopting what they see other people doing. This can be detrimental to your progress and could also be dangerous. The person you are mimicking might have been training for years and is doing very specific exercises for their goals, or maybe they have no idea what they are doing!

We want to help you take the first step by providing you with your own training programme designed by one of our qualified gym instructors.

The programme design will start with an initial consultation with a member of our gym team followed by one or two more sessions to run through the new gym programme they have written for you, depending on your needs.

To get started simply chat to one of our gym team and book in for your first session.

Why should you a programme?

  • Motivation: Having a plan is a great way to get motivated to train regularly and help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • Education: Using a gym programme will help you learn new exercises and movements that you can use throughout your entire life and fitness journey.
  • Save time: There’s nothing worse than walking into the gym and trying to figure out what you should do! With a programme it takes the thinking out and saves you valuable time. Get in, get to work and get out!
  • Progress: Following a programme will help you progress faster. We always recommend that you record what you do on your programme every time (ie the weights you lift or the reps completed), this helps you progress from workout to workout.

Get in touch and get started on the right track!