Don’t let the Scales outweigh the bigger picture!

Don’t let the Scales outweigh the bigger picture!

One of our instructors, Sean, has put some very useful information together regarding the scales – check it out!!

A couple of the more common statements heard upon initial consultations and conversations with clients are “I want to tone up” and “I want to lose X amount of weight”. Now that’s not to say those statements are wrong, or even unreasonable, especially considering that they are certainly being directed at the right person. If you were looking for advice on fashion, the mechanics of your car or gardening, we would have a bit of a problem.

However, the crux of the issue  as you embark on your fitness journey or attempt to achieve a specific goal, is that your Success should not be determined by the results of the numbers on scale or other measurements.

Well it shouldn’t, and if anything, it should definitely not be the underlining factor!

The dreaded Scales

Now I am not saying to discard what the scale says completely. There is the importance of the overall bigger picture. It is vital in your health and fitness journey not to become obsessed and fixated on the scale as it doesn’t always reveal the whole story.

There is no denying that weight does play a role in regards as a risk factor in conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurological disorders. But don’t let the number on the scale determine your success, and certainly don’t let it detract from other measures of progress. It is far more important to keep moving and stay fit, with studies showing that people who do regular exercise are likely to not only live longer but less likely to develop such diseases.


General guidelines suggest that you should exercise for 150 minutes or 3-4 times a week of moderate intensity exercise. Once again, the underlining factor here shouldn’t be the number, but the fact that you are

exercising and moving.  A further fact is that the majority of people who commence an exercise regime, are likely to pick up a kilogram or two in the initial weeks due to the metabolic changes your body is experiencing. Now the good news! The weight generally tapers off, but how demoralizing would it be to weigh yourself after a few of weeks of exercising consistently and eating better, to only see an increase on the scale?!


Similarly, most people, that dropped only 1kg in a 12 week fitness routine would be disappointed and frustrated. However, upon further investigation, it may be discovered that the person in fact lost 6kg of body fat while gaining 4kgs of muscle.

Further changes that would be expected would be better posture, improved overall energy, be able to move better and easier, as activities of daily living such as climbing the stairs go by unnoticed, while other health benefits such as

  • lower cholesterol,
  • better blood pressure,
  • sleeping better,
  • improved cognitive function
  • general mental health well being are all possible.

Any fitness professional whose sole success criteria is weight loss is falling far short on their mandate to assist you in achieving your goals and living a healthier life.

Set Goals

I can encourage and guide you while pointing you in the right direction and assist you in achieving your goals, however it is important for you to set your goals. (Personal Training)

Whether it be to – run a 5km race, to play with your grandchildren, go for a hike or walk around the quays, to dance with your husband or wife, find that intrinsic motivation that matters to you.

Find your goal, find your reason why.

If you commit to:

  • making positive healthy lifestyle changes,
  • exercising 3-4 times a week,
  • eating better,
  • cutting out the majority of negative influences

the above mentioned benefits will happen. Your clothes may fit better, or become looser, and more than likely you’ll see changes in the scale and measurements. But even if you don’t, your every day life will become easier and more enjoyable, along with all the other physical and mental health benefits.


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