Diet Tips For Surviving Halloween

If you tend to overdo it during the days around Halloween, here are a few diet tips for surviving Halloween without ruining your diet

Here’s a quickie post with 7 Diet Tips for Surviving Halloween (With Your Sanity Intact):



  1. Don’t buy sweets you don’t need.
  2. Plan your treats and include them as part of your food for the day (Be accountable)
  3. Stick to your workout routine or get some exercise in that day.
  4. If you must buy sweets, keep it out of eyesight and immediate reach.
  5. If you can’t stop at just one piece of candy and tend to binge, you may need to avoid eating any candy.
  6. When Halloween is over, get rid of the extra candy ASAP
  7. Trade your candy for healthier treats like dried fruit or some dark chocolate
  8. Eat a nutritious and satisfying meal before trick or treating
  9. If you mess up or “fall off the wagon”, don’t throw in the towel. Start fresh again the following day


We are open as normal for all of midterm guys so even if you do decide to let loose and have some Halloween treats, try and stay as active as you can!