Development Plans at Bishopstown

From July 2017 we will be starting some major development plans at our facility LeisureWorld Bishopstown.

Four main phases of works will be carried out, beginning July of this year to upgrade our facilities.

These include:

  1. A complete upgrade of the Changing Village/changing facilities
  2. Replacement of gym equipment and reconfiguration of the current gym layout
  3. The replacement of the AstroTurf pitches
  4. Replacement of boilers, pumps and air handling

We hope to have all 4 phases completed before the end of 2017 with as little disruption as possible to clients.

The outcome will mean a vastly improved and redeveloped facility focusing on the modern day needs of our customers.

The first phase to begin work will be the changing village upgrade. We are scheduled to commence this work mid July.

We have prepared a video and some images with explanations below of what work we are doing and why.

LeisureWorld Bishopstown Changing Village Upgrades

LeisureWorld Bishopstown is 20 years in operation this year. The building and facilities have grown and continue to develop, and as part of the ongoing renewal and continuous improvement we are delighted to announce a large upgrade of the changing village.

We are really looking forward to these upgrades as they will really improve the experience for everyone.

The aim of the upgrade is to achieve the following:

  • Modernise the look & feel of the changing areas to modern standards & expectations.
  • Reconfigure the layout & changing areas to reflect the current & future customer needs.
  • Improve accessibility & changing areas for people with limited or impaired mobility.
  • Make the use of the changing areas a more enjoyable experience for all users.

The above aims are being achieved through the following key upgrades, which can be seen on the proposed layout plans:

  • Poured floor finish to replace the existing floor tiles.
  • New changing cubicles, sized larger than existing single cubicles, and will accommodate Adult with small child – this will take the pressure off the Family Cubicle demand & also make it more comfortable for all other users to change in.
  • Larger Family Changing cubicles available for larger families.
  • Increased number of Pre-Showers allowing large volumes of people to shower easily before entering the pools.
  • Large number of separate Post-Showers with cubicles, allowing people to shower after swimming and not impact on users entering.
  • Layout of shower areas to allow parents & kids of swim lessons to access showers more easily and not create overcrowding.
  • 2 Accessible changing areas by poolside allowing much safer & easier access for people with limited or impaired mobility.
  • 4 New group changing areas that will allow schools/groups/swimming lessons all access separate, secure changing areas.
  • Increased number of private individual showers for all users.
  • New separate Dry (Gym/Studios/Pitch) changing areas located next to Gym entrance.
  • Dry changing areas include a dedicated accessible changing area.
  • New Lockers which will consist of 2 lockers high per bay, allowing easier access and greater space for bags/clothing.
  • Layout and flow of users will improve access and prevent overcrowding.

Of course the inconvenience will be that works will be starting Tuesday July 18th and will run through until early October.

There are 2 main phases where one half of the changing areas will be closed and upgraded before moving to the other half. We will minimise the disruption as much as possible and will appreciate all users help and understanding during this time.

We aim to deliver all services as normal inc. all swim lessons, pool & gym activities.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during these upcoming works, and you have any queries please feel free to speak with the Duty Manager.