Cork’s Best Gym

Cork’s Best Gym

at LeisureWorld Bishopstown.

In January 2018 we opened our brand-new gym in LeisureWorld Bishopstown. While the location and size are the same as before, we believe that with the new fit out and layout we currently have Cork’s best gym !

Ok so we’ve all heard it before, self-praise is no praise, but let me break it down on why we are confident we have Cork’s best gym.

1: Space

There is nothing worse than training in a gym where not only is there not enough room to freely move between machines but people as so close they are almost sweating on you….not cool. To combat this, we created a 2nd level to our gym for all of our cardio equipment. This allowed us to create a really nice open plan space downstairs to house all of our resistance machinery, free weights, racks and the huge

variety of functional equipment we now have. We have an abundance of space on the ground floor which has allowed people to use battle ropes, skip, Olympic lift, foam roll as well as all your traditional training without interfering Cork's best Gymwith other peoples training.

2: A welcoming layout

If you trained in the old LeisureWorld Bishopstown you would have remembered all of our free weights in one corner. If you were new to the gym, this corner was not exactly screaming “Welcome!”. No, in fact it was quite intimidating for many people to venture over there. So, when planning the layout for LW BT 2.0 we wanted to accommodate the modern needs from modern people. This day and age almost everyone partaking in exercise will include weights or resistance of some sort in their training, it’s no longer just for the “bros in tight t shirts”. Our new layout has meant that people of all shapes, sizes and interests are now training side by side. No one feels that they can’t go into a certain area, because we got rid of those areas!

3: FUN-ctional Equipment

As well as our 9 benches, two sets of dumbbells from 2.5kg – 25kg, one set from 27.5kg to 60kg, 5 squat racks with in-built lifting platforms and pull up bars, we also have an exciting selection of functional equipment. We have two sets of stack able foam plyo-metric boxes, a full functional rig with monkey bars, rings, bands and more. We also have 2 concept 2 ski ergs which are some of the coolesCork's best gymt pieces of modern cardio equipment to hit the markets in modern years. If you feel like torturing yourself you could give our new Air Assault Bikes ago, they are amazing for getting fit, but they make you work for it. We also boast med balls from 4kg -15kg and kettle bells from 6kg – 32kg. Oh, and did we forget to mention our battle ropes?

4: Equipment selection

We’ve covered the majority of the functional equipment above. But in terms of cardio and resistance machines we have got some really cool new pieces of kit to make up Cork’s best gym. All of our gear was purchased brand new. We added in two stair masters to join the rest of our cardio selection upstairs. The stair masters are a real favorite with many people looking to work up a sweat. Our range of resistance machinery are fitted with reps and rest counters, that’s right! Forget to count your reps, don’t worry, you focus on the movement and our equipment will count it for you! We now have three cable machines in the gym and some of the best machines we’ve seen for doing exercises like seated rows.

5: The extras

Right so if you don’t think we’ve tooted our own horn enough so far then this will really take the biscuit. Not only are all of the above valid reasons to train at LeisureWorld Bishopstown, but we have so much more to offer too. All of our memberships include full access to our pools, sauna and steam rooms at no extra charge. What’s better than finishing a hard workout then hopping into the pool to refresh and then in for a sauna to really relax those muscles.

So there you have it, 5 of our self-confessed reasons why we have Cork’s best gym. We welcome you to join as a member anytime. We have a range of options for 1 month only to rolling monthly direct debit, 3 months and 12 months. We also provide discounts for students, OAP’s and those on social welfare. And don’t worry if you don’t fancy joining. We are Pay As You Go facility all the time too. You can avail of all of our facilities and services anytime without ever having to take a membership!

Pop in some time and if you don’t think we are Cork’s best gym then please let us know why and maybe we can improve!