Cork Buoys Take Silver!

The Cork Buoys are a team of lifeguards from LeisureWorld Bishopstown that took part in the National Lifeguard Speed Championships on Monday the 2nd of July. The event took place in the very impressive National Aquatic Centre located on the National Sports Campus, Dublin.

Darren O’Leary, Colin O’Sullivan, Tomas Kenefick, Michael Brew, Martin O’Driscoll & Mark McManus

15 teams took to the water in a bid to claim victory in a series of pool challenges and heats. Some of these events included a 50m time trail, 100m time trial, 50min Swim & Object Tow, 50m Rescue Swim and more!

It was an early start for the LeisureWorld team as they departed Kent Station in Cork at 6am to arrive in Dublin with plenty of time. The National Aquatic Centre is a wonderful venue for such an event and it was a great experience for all involved to attend.

The Cork Buoys team was comprised of Martin O’Driscoll, Tomas Kenefick, Colin O’Sullivan, Michael Brew and Darren O’Leary, not to mention the team manager and chief tactician Mark McManus. The buoys split themselves up across the various disciplines according to their respective strengths and put in a massive effort in every heat.

There were some nailing biting events and some extremely close calls but LeisureWorld held their own in each event. Throughout the day they claimed a number of 1sts, 2nds and 3rds in what were considerably tough competitions against some excellent competitors.

In the end the Cork Buoys took second place on the podium to bring silver home to Cork. They were pipped only by the National Aquatic Centre’s own in-house team who did consistently well during the entire event.

LeisureWorld Cork

The Cork Buoys Team from LeisureWorld Bishopstown

All of LeisureWorld are immensely proud of our Cork Buoys and their performance in Dublin. They showed not only their fitness and skill on the day but also displayed their passion for competition, sportsmanship and fun!

To take second place out of 15 team was no easy feat and all that’s left to say is, bring on next year when we bring the GOLD back to Cork!