5 ways to get back to routine!

Getting back into a routine after holidays isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be efficiently done. Sure, you could wait it out, embracing sluggishness and being a sloth-like version of yourself for a week after you return from your travels — refusing to unpack, ignoring your inbox, neglecting sleep, and all-together pretending that your bloated and sluggish post-getaway state doesn’t exist. But the truth is that procrastinating will just leave you feeling even worse in the long run and wishing you had gotten back into the swing of things sooner. Bouncing right back, settling in, and embracing day-to-day routine after traveling is important.

So with our Summer holidays now behind us and the kids settling back into school, here are five ways to ease back into things without feeling overwhelmed and overworked!


It’s pretty common that upon returning from a holiday you’re going to feel like you casually

transformed into the close relative of a water buffalo in terms of bodily sluggishness. More likely than not, you immersed yourself in the full experience of travelling by trying new foods, indulging in lots of alcohol, and probably slacking on your overall water consumption. Good for you! But now that you’re home, your body might be crying out for some TLC. Make sure you’re nourishing yourself with balanced and healthy meals, packing in the greens, and staying super hydrated throughout the day so that you’ll soon be relieved of those major water buffalo feels.



On that note, exercise works wonders for post-vaca lethargy as well!


Pick your favorite form of joyful movement and get to it, sweating out every last ounce of jet lag or crappy airplane food left in your body. A yoga sequence to stretch your muscles will do amazing things for your physical and mental state. Going for a jog, hitting the gym, or even simply going for a walk if it’s nice out are all incredible options, too. Soon, you’ll feel ready to conquer all that you have to take on with the help of some awesome feel-good endorphins coursing through your body.




Too often, the importance of sleep gets brushed aside and only once we’re overly

cranky, moody, exhausted, and burnt out do we ask ourselves: what is wrong with me? Even still, sleep isn’t taken into consideration, but getting the proper amount of shut-eye can be the “magical” cure to a lot of things in life. Upon returning from holidays, make sure you prioritize sleep. If you don’t, you might start blaming everything else in your life for your internal chaos, when really all you need is a blissful night of slumber.




Personally, when I come back from traveling I feel like I’m coming down from a high.


When I’m sitting at home or at work the next day, I feel so sad and honestly, I used to completely judge myself for it. Nowadays, I’m gentle with myself when I come down with a case of the post-travel blues. I make sure to remind myself that it’s normal to fall into a mini-funk in the midst of a change of pace, and that it’ll pass in a few days. All things in life are temporary!





Inhale deeply, exhale fully. Then, repeat. Breathing into your belly and slowing it down post-vacation is so important for your mental health in general. Set reminders on your phone to take actual breathing breaks throughout the day. A few deep, expansive breaths can go a long way in relieving pent-up tension that you didn’t even know you were holding. Drop into the present moment and remind yourself it’s exactly where you need to be. Embrace home base and groundedness, until your next vacation that is.



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