1 million Steps Challenge

Walking them. Jogging them. Dancing them.

Team LeisureWorld will be taking 1,000,000 steps for Penny Dinners on the 20th June 2020 from 04.56 – 21.56 (sunrise to sunset) at our pitches in Bishopstown and Churchfield.

We want to raise funds and give back to the community and have selected Cork Penny Dinners as our chosen charity.

Cork Penny Dinners serve those most in need in the heart of Cork; they are open to all 7 days a week all year round, no questions are asked, no judgements are made. Since the pandemic, Cork Penny Dinners need help more than ever.

Location:            Our LeisureWorld Pitches in Bishopstown & Churchfield

Set up:               Social Distancing observed at all times

Help us contribute in some small way to aid the fundraising efforts that have been severely deterred by the current public health crisis.


To donate – Click here